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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

I bought a Maxtor external HD (200 gb) to store and organize all my pics -- these being pics formerly hidden away on CDs (from older computers) and my current internal HD -- it sounds like a good idea...all the pics in one place, easy to locate, easy to use, 'cause of the excellent (hah!) file system I'm setting up -- but it's taking forever!! but a little at a time and some day it'll be done...maybe...

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Sometimes organization is fun!

In college, we had an assignment where we had to create a database using Microsoft Access... I made a database of my CD collection and it was SO fantastic!!

moerately geeky, but hey... it was for 'an assignment' :P

it feels good to be organized, trouble is, for me it never seems to last :)

and the problem with pics is that some fit in more than one category and I'm just not anal enough to put 'shortcuts' in all the possible file locations

Slightly off-subject...butt:

Can you dance like that naked?

Re: Slightly off-subject...butt:

I don't think naked would help...but I guess it would be somewhat distracting

I was thinking of doing the same thing.
All yer eggs in one basket sorta thing.

there is still that problem -- could get a second ext drive and sync them from time to time, or occasionally copy everything to CD, or ...

here you'll be coming through MI in the near future, yay!

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