Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

another muggy day has dawned here -- glad I cut the grass late yesterday -- with all the wetness we've had and now the sunny days, the grass is growing like crazy and needs cutting every 5 days -- poppies are about gone but I'm seeing some other perennial buds swelling -- veggies are slow growing from seed...I should go give 'em a drink

started a new silver project -- 'thinking' about a new wood carving -- opened up my 'kiddie' set of water colors (just to check that they're still there, I guess, 'cause I don't have any ideas to work with)

went to a Memorial Day event at the cemetery yesterday and Wendy's cousin came cruising up on his Harley -- got me drooling and thinking bike again -- hmmmm -- certainly can't afford a H.D. at this juncture but there's gotta be some machine in my price range -- hmmm -- haven't had one since college days ...

well, out to water the garden...
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