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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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week for the birds...

I opened the garage door to get my bike out a couple of days ago and down plopped a lil bird -- there's an opening in the siding and apparently birdies have chosen to nest there -- the baby just sat on the driveway doing the old eye blink thing, as if to say: wtf?? and the mommy bird flew out landing about 15 feet away and continued to chastise me with all manner of bird threats and bird swearing(I wasn't afraid, they're only sparrows!) -- when I came back from the bike ride, they were both gone -- can parent birds carry their babies by the scruff of the neck (like cats)...or did a neighborhood cat help out?

and then a day or 2 later I came out to find this bird

rather soggy looking and, I guess, trying to dry out on the driveway -- it didn't try to fly away ('nother baby of a somewhat larger variety?) and seemed not at all perturbed when I got close to check it out -- by the time I'd gotten back with the camera, it had hopped into the grass but was willing to pose for a few pics before wandering off into the ground-cover (weeds?) in the background -- haven't seen it since

fun with the birds -- oh yeah!

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Great Post Ed!

As a former Avian enthusiast [ and breeder ], I can safely say that most birds cannot pick up their babies and put them back into the nest, and those who could potentially, still do not. It's part of the fledging and only the strong shall survive [ and dumb luck ] process.

Great picture ^_^

yeah, I didn't think so

years ago I found another wee bird along the edge of the road -- very young, scarcely any feathers -- took it home and raised it till it learned to fly -- then one bright summer morning, off it flew...

Re: most birds cannot

Awwwwwwe... how sweet.... :)

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