Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

back from Hiatus...

I will not try to catch us up on the last few weeks -- I just needed a break from computer time -- the hiatus may be up but my 15 minutes are not ... icon is a new 'Andy' pin for my cap from a recent exhibit

The garden's in -- seeds sprouting and transplants looking healthy (so far ... but the neighbor apparently spritzed the weeds along his side of the fence with 'weed-be-dead' or something and since the garden runs along the fence ... well, we'll just have to wait and see -- I think I heard his weeds cry out in pain the other night and now they're all brown and lying on the ground in nasty contorted positions -- he should at least bury them!

Here's another mini-door just completed for the collection
The model is approximately 7 inches tall -- cut/glued up pieces, urethane over acrylic color
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