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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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re: critters...

here's the new pup -- doesn't eat much -- in fact, he doesn't eat anything
but he's cute, no?

kinda like 'roadkill kitty' -- but not quite as big

we need some 'real' pets -- I miss my doggy and Wendy keeps asking about a kitty

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i love your puppy. i bet he's easy to take for walks.

he is cute but damn...
he just won't walk
I have to drag him everwhere
but then again, he's never pissed the carpet :)

Very cute Ed.. and YES you need a real live animal to snuggle up with at night!

...they love you unconditionally :D

..yeah, I know -- Peanut was a cuddler, 'cept she's 600 miles away now

I remember your doggy. You must miss him.

yeah I do
go walking around the neighborhood here and see folks with their pups --
had this giant rotwiler jumping up on me a couple of days ago -- eh, someday we'll be able to have pets again

i miss P-Nut too, and i never even met that dog! i miss you talking about her and taking pictures of her and whatnot though. still, the new pup is quite cute.

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