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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

well, the sun's up
though it's too cloudy to actually see
the birds are quiet
as is the rest of the house
can hear the 'fridge and furnace blower
but that's about all
have eaten some yogurt and granola
had some grapefruit juice
listened to the 'trash' truck come by
maybe it's time to go back to bed
too early to be banging around in the basement
only one color to go (the 'warm' circle)
but I guess it can wait a few hours
pictures to come later (like the 11 o'clock news)

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I have been enjoying? appreciating? the development of your art on line thingy.

Yeah, it is cloudy here, too, snowflakes are slowly falling. I don't wanna go out but it is going to happen soon. Gotta get my workout over with.

enjoying? appreciating?

thanks ;)
seems like it's getting ready to snow here too
would love to go for a walk in the snowfall today

Re: enjoying? appreciating?

Yeah. At that time in the morning, I was unclear on what I thought. You got a reflection of my indecisive morning mind, lol! I just the art. How's that? :)

I love early morning when everything is 'still' and quiet, where all the sounds that are drowned out by our busy lives are able to be heard.

Of course if there is someone to cuddle with 'back in bed' I would opt for the back to bed option. *playful wink*

..absolutely the best time of the day
I'm still fresh and so is the day
food tastes better
if I poke my nose outdoors, the air smells clean/new
but I can still wander around barefoot inside
(or outside, for that matter, as long as I don't stay there too long :)

nice new(?) icon

not new at all... but thanks for noticing me, umm, it! *winks*

would be interested in your take on my latest filtered post, as you are one of those 'handsome, distinguished older men'... *coy smile*

'getting their partner off'

I would say yes...with no qualificationns!
when I was 17 (was that a simon and garfunkle line?), I just wanted to 'get my rocks off' but now it's more important to give her pleasure and watch her face and hear her sounds of pleasure and know that she's happy -- never even knew the joys of oral sex until my new love -- may sound a bit sappy, but that is the way it is

'handsome, distinguished older men' holy shit...I am going back to bed now ;)

I just say it like I see it...*wg* enjoy your back to bed time. *s*

I sooo did -- we didn't actually get going on the day's activities till around noon
then after some errands, sat in a Panera foody place, munching and making asses of ourselves laughing at the unusual collection of folks there
we have such good times -- hope they don't come to lock us up soon (watch the news ;)

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