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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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still winter...

went for a short walk around the neighborhood today
it was a bit chilly, but not really cold
and I noticed that the tree buds are really visable
not swelling much, but then, it's still February
the sky's now gray
might be more snow coming
the wind's kicking up again
I want to snuggle up by a fireplace

I would post a pic to go along with this
but it's just another experiment
and a pic would just confuse things


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Oh -- how I long for the spring...
My heart swells with the buds. It's just such an overwhelming feeling of renaissance when the spring comes. HURRY UP, SPRING! *shakes fist*

See anything exciting on your walk?

oh yeah!!
definitely dreaming of that -- ready to fling out the seeds I saved from last year
exciting?? other than noticing the buds...dunno...oh there was some guy being dragged around by his rottweiler -- was a big dog but seemed pretty friendly -- didn't bite my hand off or anything like that but when he jumped up on me, was almost as tall as me -- I escaped with my life ;) -- joking again...didn't ever seem like a problem -- I want a doggie again :(

I noticed the iris greens are popping up. YAY for 'signs of spring'.

yeah, love the signs of new growth...

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