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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I think I may have stumbled upon another important discovery. We all know the relationship between washing the car and bringing on the rain, right? Well, we were scheduled, according to the weather prognosticators, for 6 inches of snow last night. Most of the snowfall lately has been in the 1 to 3 inch range, shovelin' snow, so I haven't been bothering with the snow blower. But 6 inches? that's a different story, so yesterday, in the 50 F degree weather, I went and fired up the blower to check it out. Aaand this morning? nothing. Well, a little snow on the roof and grass but walks and drive? just wet. So I'm thinking there must be some relationship between getting the snow blower ready and influencing the Snow Fates. Possibly more research is needed. Stay tuned.

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Keep up the good work ED, anything you can do to keep the snow away is appreciated!

Isn't it great how things work out like that?

The fates and our influences upon them can be baffling sometimes!

some may pass it off as mere coincidence ... but we know better, huh? :)

"So I'm thinking there must be some relationship between getting the snow blower ready..."

or between the Snow Fates and the weather prognosticators making preposterous predictions.

preposterous predictions...

hah! yeah, you can only blame so much on the butterfly effect ;)

I'm so lame that practically the only time my car even *gets* washed is when it rains, hehe. (and I mean that it gets washed *by* the rain!)

yeah, I hear you but you live where they don't cover the roads with salt all winter long! here in MI ya gotta wash the car from time to time or it just rots away -- I've located a $3 car wash which takes the pain out of the washing :)

So... this might be a little awkward - but here it goes!
I saw your icon on the aesthetes community one day and thought to myself "wow, what a great face to do a portrait of".
And really, I could do it and you would never know - but I'd feel better if I got permission first. So - I was wondering if you would mind lending your face to a painting or two?
I'd be really happy if you didn't say no :)

sorry to take 'so long' getting back to you -- shit happens

anyway, I have no problem with you doing art as you please and using my 'mug' is just a compliment to me ... thank you ;) (hope that's the right spelling, you'd think someone involved in artsy stuff could keep straight compliment/complement -- but as you get older, somethings get confusing -- anyway there's a somewhat larger image (not sure if it's quite the same one) here: http://hometown.aol.com/sirndipiti/photos.htm (you may have to scroll a bit to find it

and if that's not large enough, I can email you the full size file

have fun ... just send me 10% when you sell your painting(s) -- no, no, no -- can't take most of what I say seriously ;)

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