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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I've mostly been a languid lump for some time now -- holiday recovery? I dunno, maybe just lazy, but have also been battling some bug for a while -- did some reading: Carlin's When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?, Tom Robbins: Villa Incognito plus some others I've already forgotten, hah! stared at the tube from time to time and also listened to some tunes after figgerin' out how to load music onto the IPodish device Santa brought -- but now, NOW! my ass is slowly slipping back into gear: just finished gluing up a shelf for the back edge of my 'crafty' desk, have a layout for a new screen print and waiting for glue to dry on the base for the screen frame--need some hinges and supplies but hope to be working on the prints in the next few days this is a thumb of the current design based on some glyphs I photographed near Albuquerque, NM a few weeks ago

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As I told you, you're brilliant!

you talkin' about the light bulb screwed into m'ass -- it runs on 110 volts -- used to have a low voltage one but the batts kept running out -- only trouble (as you know) is how long of an extension cord I can drag around -- have you seen that 100 foot orange cord??

*staples everything to Perpetually-Losing-Things Ed*

*adds more items with strings attached for good measure*


..damn, have you seen me lately?
I can't seem to find myowndamnself
maybe I left myself in the garage?
or possibly at the grocery store?
last time I saw myself, I was in the bathroom
am I still there?

Re: Perpetually-Losing-Things...

Let me inhale...


Thank you so much for the add...please forgive my ranting this afternoon in regards to winter...it really gets to me i hate the cold. And yes...spring is always welcome! Indeed!

hah! no problem, Debbie -- we all need to rant from time to time -- clears out the brain cells :)

What are you going to screen the image onto?

doing an edition on W/C paper--image size about 8" x 10" -- 3 color print

matisse cutouts meets glyphs - love this!

matisse and sirndipiti in the same comment -- gotta love that

yeah, not very familiar with his early work but always liked his later 'collage' creations

I remember seeing some very large ones in NYC and just being completely in awe - that feeling sure doesn't come across in books AT ALL.

If you haven't seen one in person, you absolutely must.

In my 2-D class in freshman year I was subconsciously doing the weird squiggly cutouts that Matisse did. I'm sure that it came from a deep down memory of my mom's art books. My teacher pointed it out to me - wierd what comes thru the subconscious.

wierd what comes thru the subconscious...

hard to figure out where ideas come from -- it all mixes together in our heads somehow
yes, saw some of his work at the Philly art museum (used to live in south jersey)

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