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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the Fates smile

It is kind of a dreary day here in the Deee-troit area--good day for errands, I thought. Hoping to beat the rain, I fired up the PT which has been sitting idle for some time now. Well, within a few blocks, the drizzle started--not bad, intermittent wiper drizzle. So going into the bank was not a drenching experience. And then in the bank, a friendly 'cubicle' person invited me to take care of business sitting down. Yay, no standing in line. From the bank it was off to Home Depot to get some lumber. I've decided my 'artsy' work desk in the basement needs some shelving to remove the tools and supplies from the work surface. Must be a New Year's organizing impulse, I guess. Anyway, I needed two 10 foot pieces. Not quite 10' is needed, but surely more than 8'. Pieces 8' long will fit in my car, but not 10' so I wanted the pieces cut approximately in half--that's neither here nor there--the point is, it usually takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to track down an employee to make the cuts. But not this time. There the guy was, just finishing a cut for another customer. Wheee! So I was in the store and out the door in less than 10 minutes. A record, I'm sure. Still drizzling outside, but no problem. No sooner had I loaded the wood in the car and climbed in myself (after waiting patiently for a guy next to me, standing with his door open next to mine and trying to get a baby to take a bottle--"oh, whoops, I didn't see you there"), and it started to pour. Now if your experience has been even a little like mine at other times, it's usually wait in the store 'cause it's pouring, finally give up and dash to the car. And then of course, within seconds of closing the door, the rain stops. So I'm thinking as I drive out of the lot in the downpour, maybe things do balance out in the long run. And then by the time I'd driven the short distance home, it had returned to drizzle. So I could get the wood in the house and down to the basement without water damage to either me or the wood. The Fates smiled on that whole excursion. Maybe I should've bought a lottery ticket?

Now, since I'm still 'home alone' and I somehow missed lunch, maybe an early dinner (linner?) is in order. I'm picturing some stir fried beef and onions (umm, can you smell it?) with baked spud, butter and sour cream and beans. Sound good? Oh yeah!

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Yay, YOU!

(Any proclivity for the latest mini door yet?)

thinkin' 'bout it -- but one thing at a time ;)

You must have earned some good Karma this week!

mmmm......! Beef..... Potatoes....

...just stay away from the blueberry pie!

oooh blueberry pie...now there's an idea -- but we have french silk (kind of a chocolate cream)

*shudders in bliss at the thought*

Did you say.... chocolate?!

[BTW... I absolutely adore blueberry pie! Probably my favorite pie! *cries... I'm cursed!*}

Oh yeah that does sound good.
I'm happy the fates didn'r rain on yer wood!

hah! yeah the wood's safely inside now -- patiently waiting for me to begin work :)

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