Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..ways of talking..

..so, back in jerseyland from JFK and new haven with ak all set up for her summer classes -- we didn't have a LOT of alone time together (is there ever enough), but we certainly had some -- some things were communicated without words (because the right words can be so elusive??) -- but still the feeling that things are in an ongoing state of flux persists -- whirl,whirl,whirl...and the weekend was gone...

even though i would like to have had more time to spend with jd and his new g/f (maybe i should not have combined the 2 visits into one), we did have a good time talking about things that had gone on in recent weeks and having a paint-a-thon to personalize g/f m's new digs...

had a great ride back -- car windows wide open tunes cranked up high and 180 miles of problemless cruising -- i just love good-weather driving when the roads are in good shape (traffic-wise and jerk-wise) - really lucked out on choice of travel times for a holiday weekend! some days the alligator gets a bite out of me and then there are other days when i take a big ol' bite outta the 'gator
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