Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..rise and shine...

..how cool is it to be up and at 'em with the sun on a saturday morn (not that sat. is different than any other day, now) 't's only 8 and i feel like i've got a real head start on the day -- and what a fine day it is - the wee growies in the garden are all a-smile with the promise of fresh organic goodies to come -- only radishes and strawberries to eat fresh so far (hmmm both red, more or less, hmmm) -- the berries are a bit on the small side ('course nobody's been fuckin' around with their genes in some scary lab), i think i must get about some serious tree pruning to bring in a longer sun time...which will also supply some more maple to season for the kiln (two rats with one whack) -- which reminds me, i still need to get some more re-bar and concrete to reinforce the top of the arch - it was soooo sad to see those teeny-tiny cracks developing across the top and around the flue -- but it's progress (this being only the 3rd kiln design - we learn and grow thru our trials, no?) -- perhaps i've loitered here long enough - time to get back outside...
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