Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


..i hafta finish a jewelry piece today and i can't seem to get started! the basic ring-part of the 'special' key ring is complete...it's ster. silver...and i have this vision of copper rivited to leather for the fob...but silver, copper and leather together on a relatively simple design?? i dunno...

and my coffee cup is empty again...

and some guy/gal in the area is using one of those made-by-the-devil weed whacker things with a sound level that borders on being not unlike a hog reving up...i was forced to close the window and breathe stale instead of wonderful spring-like fresh air...if i were s.king-like, i could sit back and imagine the weed wak beast breaking loose from the operator's grip and gleefully (almost) beginning to whack him/her about the head and shoulders...no permanent damage, but a whole hell-of-a-lot of nasty red, oozing welts...but alas my name is not king

back to work!
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