Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..such a day! it's really the kind of day to dream of (weatherwise) and i got sooo much done! l.j. was actually here and available for chores - we got the whole barn water-sealed -- we inpressed even ourselves (being the only ones here, outside of dog and she looked impressed too) -- now my right shoulder aches, hell the whole right arm aches! maybe we overdid it, nah, it's done now and can be duely checked off the 'to-do' list -- this is when i wish i actually had a to-do list so i chould check things off...but then i'd feel so pressured every time i looked at the list, cause priorities change -- hey, things come up! -- like sunday, a. flies in from her french farming adventure to take a summer class or two, then back for another few weeks in the south of france : ( -- i'm hungry, i think i'll go eat, maybe ice cream for dinner...yup, sounds good (possibly a salad first : )
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