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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Monday, Monday...

and a good morning to clean house (figuratively :)
so I went through and brought my f/l back down to 50 -- and even that's too many to read on a regular basis, but I keep trying
no hard feelings or disrespect to those I've dropped -- just that if neither of us have been commenting to each other, what's the point -- and then again, some of you have just disappeared from the face of LJ -- 'bye to you, wherever you are

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Welcome Monday.
Tis Monday evening here.

so you've made it through Monday ;) -- hope the landlord thing has settled down

I LOVE your icon Ed! : )

is that you? :))

love the pondering pose. :)

awww, you're so kind
yup, that's me -- in my pensive mode -- with most of the color removed

I've been thinking about cutting my f/l down, too. As much as I enjoy reading the entries, I feel snubbed when I make a heartfelt comment on someone's journal and they don't respond at all. I'm not so bothered that they don't comment on mine, but it's nice. I'm especially grateful for friends like you. :) It's great when people can get a conversation going like I see with you and some of my other friends.

get a conversation going

it's always nice to know that what you say is being read and (maybe) even thought about :)

post and response is not quite as intimate as IM but it does have the advantage of everybody being able to 'go about their business' and still get some feedback

thanks for being a good o/l friend

..howya been?
do any of the coffee shops 'round here have 'net access? there are 3 in the little tiny town of Amherst...gotta be some here -- clerk at the new (relatively) Starbucks around 13 mile looked at me like wtf? when I asked if they did

be well, friend
I'll miss you
I certainly understand being removed - it's difficult for me to keep up, too.

I wish you well - you've been a good LJ friend, I appreciate yoU!

I knew this would happen
now I'm feeling the guilt -- don't go away -- I'll just try harder to keep up

I hope you didn't clean me out of your f'list. I really enjoy reading you, and receiving your comments.

now don't you go getting all 'afeared' on me -- you know I wouldn't do that -- 'specially when you 'owe' me some art work (I'm only kidding!!!)

Hi, Ed! My name's Sami, and I've just added you to my friends list. Once, a long, long time ago on a journal far, far away, we were friends. Do you recognize me? : ) A lot has changed since then, but I've always missed your words, and I hope you find me to be a worthwhile read.

Happy Monday!

I'm really sorry, Sami--I hardly ever forget a name but samanthalake just doesn't ring a bell (senility??) -- did you use another SN on this 'journal far, far away'? -- and yes, I've had a happy monday--being 'off the road' after a month is a real treat!--hope you had a good one too :)

(Deleted comment)
sorry to seem like it's taken so long to respond but as you probably know there have been some posting/notice issues here and I just received your note

you've been added, so go ahead and add me back :)

saw you in Anaya's journal and just had to come and tell you that you are one of the most strikingly handsome men I have ever seen... *soft smile*

sorry for intruding onto your space, I just had to tell you that.

..well, you sure made my day ;)

yeah, Anaya's one of the world's great people and artists -- I feel so bad about her illness -- but hey, sometimes there are just temporary pieces of shit in the road and you get over them or around them -- let's hope

sorry about the friends only posting but I've had some trouble in the past but you're now on the list -- add me back -- K?

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