Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

global cooling?

..i checked the paper again to be sure of the date (usually, i only have to check to see what day of the week) and the paper indicated that not only was today the 21st, but the month is MAY! ... so, in the howcum dept: why does my therm-o-meter register 41 degrees F at 10 in the am with a clear sky and brilliant sun? -- is this some kinda joke on the "global warming" zealots? -- it's the time of year for shorts and bare footin' but my legs and feet are kinda goose bumply and an unnerving shade of blue -- i must either stay inside till the climate readjusts or put on longs and shoes (maybe socks, even!) -- and the warring factions throughout the world think they have concerns! holy pig!
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