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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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these are for Pat

but you can all look ;)

way up above the river

and the coast is pretty fuckin nice too

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Great photos! Thank you for letting us see!

your beautiful country, sweetie -- my daughter went to school at Reed so I got to spend some time there

It is pretty here. I can't deny that.

Where was that first picture taken? I've never seen anything like that in person....it's beautiful.

thanks--it is beautiful country

the pic was taken up above the Columbia River Gorge just east (maybe 25 miles) of Portland OR

Re: thanks--it is beautiful country

Man...that's around where my aunt lives. It's good for raising sheep up there too....I must convince James to move after he finishes school.

why wait -- go visit!!!

That is gorgeous!

It looks tropical!

I never thought of that, Mary, but you're right -- it, however, is definitely not, the pics are from the north west part of the US--Oregon -- not exactly tropical ;)

there are few things in this world so beautiful as the oregon coast.


yes, it really is pretty otherworldly -- the Maine coast is spectacular too but in a more subdued way

Shit! These are gorgeous Ed.

thanks, Col -- and I'm really impressed 'cause you don't use 'shit!' very often -- in fact, I can't recall...

Wednesday morning, before I left on my journey, I couldn't decide whether to head east or west. I went east. One of these days I'll make it out to the coast.

Do you remember which falls that is?

me? remember? hah!

it was up a, maybe, 2-3 mile trail that began near a spectacular (engineeringwise) bridge which had a peculiar name -- it may come back to me or possibly I have it recorded somewhere -- I'll look

Hi Ed... Calla = gone. Please add - I finally returned. Hope all is well with you. Can't wait to catch up. Did the purple flowers ever come up for you?

HIHIHIHIHIHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!canya read this :)

OMG or would 'holy shit' be just as appropriate? -- we do get so caught up in this o/l lingo, huh?

you know what? I saw that 'fiftydecembers' had added me and being as paranoid as I am, I asked someone else (Paul) if he knew you -- haven't heard back from him yet...but now it doesn't matter :)))))))

thanks sooo much for the seeds but (if you followed or check back in my LJ) I'm no longer in NJ -- long story, I won't go into now -- so I don't know what happened to the seeds.................ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*crying sound* *really sad face* -- grew a lot of marigolds here in MI this year (marigolds: my favorite weed ... in fact, I just collected and saved some seeds for next year)

so good to reconnect withya :)

Re: HIHIHIHIHIHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!canya read this :)

I agree... I can't wait. I have added you... but can not respond to your other friends only posts until added back. xx

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