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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

I could've used my time in many useful pursuits today but....

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HEY! that guy's stealing all my moves! haha.


stealing all my moves

hah! limber chicky! guess you like your exercise ;)

That's a pretty freaky dance!

yup it is :) -- my filename is 'spazdanz'

I know this may sound weird but I was looking at your pictures [I saw you post on fictionwriters, where I'm also a member] and I like the way you look.

There's something very... genial and genuine about your face, and excuse me, but almost Captain or fisherman-like.

You look mysterious but aged and wise.

[Sorry for my blatant randomness, but I just thought I'd say something.]

thanks...I mean that! not just thanks but thanks for the thought and the response...I need imput (hell, don't we all?) and we strike out here on 'the web' hoping for some communication and most of the time we just find BS and teenyboppers...omg, I should probably go back to bed...

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