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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

where is everybody?

watching the game?

only 3 minutes to go...

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NBA finals last minute and a half

I've not watched that since Larry Bird stopped playing, I was going to marry him when I was much younger you know.

no, I did not know that -- sometimes the best laid plans...an'al'that :)


I even had a fire BIRD race car that I painted green and white and put a 33 on.....I don't even know why....I was in love, he broke my little heart.

you were a romantic even at such a tender young age ;)

Haha, I was though. I had a list of 'requirements' that my husband had to meet and his name had to be James David....and it is.

now, that is amazing ;)


*was busy web paging*

*heavy sigh* yah.

.... how did you like the music? b t w.

hmm not really my cup of tea -- would you call that techno?

Yup! I love Techno/Eurodance.

I think it kinda had it's birth here in the Detroit area

I wouldn't have a clue on that, I'm not a music afficianado.

Oo! 'Hit me baby 1 more time' is on the tube!

never watched -- it's new, no?

It is. The concept of the show is to bring back the top bands of the 80's, so you can see how old and fat they have become and hear how out of tune they are vote for your favorite 80's band singing their hits, and then they sing a cover song from a current day hit.

It's like a variety show. You remember the Sony and Cher show, right?

Heh.. I was in diapers [ I think? ] I was born in '66

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