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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I've been fiddlin' around with my layout...ya could use up a lot of time this way

have also started using tags

I'm hoping these things don't just add to my compulsive inclinations

on another note, yesterday's marigold transplants seem to be smiling--damn, they're such a weed, I love 'em, no green thumb needed--wish I'd started some zinnias too, they're another 'weed' I like

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I haven't gotten around to layout stuff yet. I'm still learning how to make icons.

welll, I don't know how to do layout stuff either, I just clicked a link under 'manage' and started messing around -- your new icon 'diva' makes me think 'Paris'...wouldn't it be nice to be there at a sidewalk cafe, sipping coffee and people watching right about now?

Definitely - you and Wendy and Me hanging with Tom and Katie.

Cruise and Holmes -- they got engaged last night on the Eiffel Tower.

how engaging and don't I just feel so uninformed

I only saw it because my father is addicted to Fox News and they were talking about it this morning. *rolls eyes*

I hate them both.

When does Tom come out and join the Follies?

If he goes to these kinds of extremes to stay in the closet, I doubt he ever will.

Hey--how're my icons coming? LOL. Maybe I need one of Tom, the Eiffel Tower and him dancing the can-can...

It's 11:30pm and I just got home from work. I promise to make you some soon, though.

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