Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

overcast again

..yeah, so what else is new? the 2 solar panels together are cranking out about 10 or 12 watts...how sad is that? has the sun abandoned Massachusetts forever?

on another note, I was reminded again this morning how strange indeed are the workings of the mind--I still haven't bothered with buying a coffee pot for here in the woods, just make boiled "cowboy coffee" in a saucepan then strain it through a tea strainer (I know, call me a pussy, but near the end all the little crunchy bits would just get stuck in my teeth)--so anyway here I was, having boiled the water, turned it off, and spooned in the coffee from the can and about to replace the can lid...now here's the part...I picked up the saucepan lid to put on the coffee can (didn't actually put it on and place the can back on the shelf, so I'm thinking 'not too far gone' :) -- but was the mind dealing in generalities at that point, just looking for "lid" and not concerned with specifics 'cause, well maybe it had some more important things to consider at the time? other instances like this occur from time to time, picking up "tool" and being surprised to find a screwdriver in my hand when I was hoping for a wrench--OTOH it might just be early onset of some mental condition or other, not to be specific, just some generic "condition"

hah, well off for another cup or coffee then off to do a sun dance

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