Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

growies are budding, bulby things are popping out of the ground, time to put away the scarves and mittens

I've been out playing in the dirt the last couple of days--nice to feel the sun and see the earthworms--preparing ground for a mini-garden...maybe a tomato or 2, pepper, squash, beans and some flowers to brighten things and keep the bees happy and flocking around (that's 'flocking')

also began polishing the PT--ran it through the car wash after returning from swamp-road-land but there's still bits of mud and debris clinging here and there--tenacious mud--I say 'began polishing' because car cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do so I break it into small bits--so far (after 2 sessions) the front end is done--this would however be the worst part, after the recent 2000 miles of bug splats, no? but then again, rubbing motion on door panels, 'specially the lower sections is pretty much a pain in the ass...er, shoulders (depending on how you proceed)--hell, the whole job's pretty nasty--btw, the polish I bought has 'teflon' in the name; does this mean that road tar, bug carcasses, mud and pollen will just slide off now? heh, those advertising guys...they use more than just sex, ya know

haven't quite finished Neil Gaiman's American Gods yet--but I'm down to less than a hundred pages--a wild ride into myth, fantasy, hilarity and apple pie woven together in a thought provoking way--way different but in some ways not so different from Neverwhere

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