Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

it's morning...again

I've been reading John Saul's Black Lightning for over a week now, maybe even 2--so OK, it's not the best read, not quite up there with A Brief History of Time, but it's an average time killing, mind escaping novel about murder and mayhem--which means I don't have to think as I read it (also means I will have forgotten most of it within days of finishing it; 'course that may have to do with things other than the depth of the novel, but that's another story) I will finish it! I'm that pig-headed, yes--perhaps I've been spending too much time with dust balls and gnomes--presently working on a frog (of wood, not dust), a chirping frog to boot--saw one at the Misty/Paul gala the other night and decided I needed one--will be nice to listen to it crick at the cabin doncha think?

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