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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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guess what?

in case any of us thought it was spring in Michigan...it's snoooowinggg

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you de snow bunny Ed!

hey, maybe so...but it's time for the Easter Bunny! I want to see flowers not more snow on the ground -- well, it won't last :)

..why the sad face, Col--didja wanna come play in the snow?

hah!!!!!!!!!!!!whoo no I thought you were sad at the no flowers!


There's another Starbucks going in here: at 12 and Gratiot...

No way! Even after the new one here on Masonic I still go down to 9 & Gratiot because I know everyone there.

Yup, a Starbuck's, national chain restaurant and several retail stores.

Was on the city council meeting last night.

it's seventy-two degrees here. time for another visit?


it's so mild here now ed!!

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