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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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03 04 05

I know, I know there are a lot more serious things to contemplate than the date but it just occurred to me (remembering some very elementary geometry) that a triangle with sides in the proportion 3, 4, 5 such as 3", 4", 5" or 33 miles, 44 miles, 55 miles is a right triangle, i.e. one of the angles is 90 degrees--this may not seem real important to you but to someone in the building trades (say, someone laying out the base of a great pyramid, for instance) this is an interesting bit of info to have on hand--'course there's always the sloppy or drunk or sloppy drunk pyramid builder who doesn't give a shit whether the base of hir pyramid is square or not however we will pay them no mind since they take no pride in their work--we should take pride in our work, no?

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You have too much energy! I think I have a headache now.

you need coffee, Vickie -- time for Starbucks?

Funny that you posted that, because yesterday while I was at work for a total of maybe 10 minutes I heard one of the carpenters explaining that to a guy he had just hired. He said it's easy to remember and a handy piece of information. He also said that every carpenter should have a beer and a joint after work though...so who knows...

hey, sounds like that guy knows what hes talking about.

I used just that to lay out the corners of my fence years ago!

yup, Vinnie, it is handy knowledge

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