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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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idle time...

..and this is what happens

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Hey there,

Thanks for your message last night. I didn't know it was posted, because LJ kept telling me there was an error and was in read only mode.

Hate Lj sometimes. But thank you for your message. It was nice to hear from you. I love the kitties too!!

yup, LJ can be aggravating at times--and I never know for sure whether it's me or them

my Irish granny used to say that cats would jump on the faces of sleeping babies and suck their breath

I've never actually witnessed this...but I'm wary...and if a baby, in the absence of one, why not an adult? shudder...

aren't absurdly ethnic grandmothers the BEST? mine's Dutch... and she STILL has no idea why nobody can keep a straight face when she tells that folktale about the boy who stuck his finger in a dike.


cats really are wonderful animals. my place STILL feels relly empty since my old gal died. had 'er more than 16 years and she never even TRIED to steal my breath. honest.

heh, thanks

Wendy keeps saying she wants a kitty :)

you're getting really good at these moving icons Ed! I need to take some lessons from you! :D

thanks, they're a fun way to spend some time

I just did another cat for Wendy clemidia, check it out :)

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