Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

suuunny day...

..chasin' the...clouds away...
so it snowed a bit last night...it's bright blue sky this morning even if it is only 18deg F (well, I've been up for a while...might be up to 20 by now)
have to cut some notches as next step in hassock project, but that means table saw and I'm presently the only one awake here--prudence says wait
need to go out later and find some foam and fabric to complete the piece
saw an interesting etching in a friends LJ this morning and it got me to thinking: I have some plexiglas and sharp tools...maybe I should do some engraving and printmaking...
but then again I just bought some new water colors a few days ago...
and there's the new sketch pad my daughter made for me--with only one drawing so far...
many things that cry out for doing and here I sit generating boils on my ass
I'm going for breakfast--
seeya later :)

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