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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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some recent metal work...

..and testing a new image host, fotopic.net
silver bracelet, earrings and pendent

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Nope, did not worky. They not allow direct linking. :(

I think the heart necklace was my favourite. :D

You're very good!

thanks, Mary -- I shoulda put a ruler or something the pix for scale, the hear piece is actually a bracelet :), but the design would work as well as a necklace


Yes, it would!

i checked out the link you posted below.

i do so very much like those pieces. i wonder, with my mom's b-day coming up and all, would you be interested in making a pendant (a cross) for her? i'll pay whatever the fair going rate is, plus shipping. i'd be honored really.

I'd be happy to give it a try, Danica -- email me a rough sketch of what you'd like, I'll do up something and send you a pic -- if you like it then manybe we can work a trade?

coooool! i'll sketch something up and scan it tomorrow at school. how fun! thank yoooou!

I also checked the linky in the comments.

I like the first one best as well, but they are all really fabulous! That's really amazing work!

Re: I also checked the linky in the comments.

thank you, thank you

*big grin*

I like the Speed Limit 55 one. I'd buy it from you, except 55 is so... pedestrian. ;)

heh! pretty fast pedestrian...road runner?

actually they're all Wendy's now--the 55 was a b-day gift :)

try being Canadian, Chrismeister. i'm tellin' ya... Sammy Hagar's "Can't Drive 55" loses all it's rebelion on the metric system. only place ya can't drive 55 around here is playground zones.

oh, PS, got your letter. i've been outta town though, hence the delayed response.

talented talented guy! good stuff.

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