Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


I've been up for a while--woke early and couldn't get back to sleep so I hit the shower and came in here to read the online NYT--wandered around LJ for a bit--and now I'm thinking: I'm restless, I need a project--I don't have anything currently ongoing and I don't know what I feel like doing (well except there is one small wood carving I've started)--I've almost finished a Tom Robbins book, Another Roadside Attraction; I'm determined to finish this one--I've read in, I think, 3 TR books but, for some reason, never actually completed any of them--there's probably a reason: his bizzare thinking and spiral story telling gets tiring after a while?--whatever--I'm determined to finish this one, maybe just for the satisfaction of having done so--his ideas, when I think back over them, are interesting and thought provoking--I guess I find him a bit tedious sometimes, just like this post--I think I'll go load in the rest of my pix from Mobile...
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