Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

do I enable?

I'm thinking about the service industry this morning. Or maybe not just the service industry but how workers who have contact with the public relate to that contact. Do most of them think, "I'm a representative of this company I work for and it's my job to do the best I can to serve our customers well"? Hah! silly question, huh? Well this comes to light because of a flat tire on Wendy's van. This is the van that has the tires with some type of homing device for sharp pointy objects. This time the right front tire (which granted had a noticeably receding hairline) had pounced on and made off with a drywall screw. This brought a slow flattening of the tire and the eventual phoning of the road service wizard, someone in the service industry, a representative of his company. After the wheel was changed and the truck had disappeared down the road, I noticed the spare was somewhat soft...now, it's possible that the tire service truck did not carry an air compressor to properly inflate the tire, it's possible, but why wouldn't the 'representative' have at least commented to the effect, "hey, that spare is a bit soft, you better go have some air put in"? But perhaps I expect too much. On the other hand, I wasn't there when he finished and didn't offer a tip...perhaps he was just getting even. And then at the 'new tire store' (having decided that a nearly bald tire sporting a drywall screw should be retired (hah!)) after the new tire had been installed, the mechanic sadly reported that he couldn't get the spare to retract (via a silly cable and crank mechanism which hauls the wheel up under the rear of the van). After surveying the situation and seeing that part of the device was merely stuck going back into it's housing and just needed a gentle realignment, the problem was solved. He was the 'representative' and I was the customer, but who was the one to get down and look under the car to locate and solve the problem? And I still gave him a tip! Now, he did as I requested, check pressure in the other 3 tires, (after I reminded him a second time). So, as mentioned a few lines back, I'm thinking this morning, am I part of the problem? Have I contributed to the very lack of concern on the part of workers in the service sector by tipping their less than exemplary service? Am I an enabler? Do I encourage them?
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