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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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'sno van

a new aerodynamic look for a town and country -- ain't nature grand?

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Where can I get one? Do they come in colors other than white?

they can be found allllll over Deetroit but are currently only available in white

I like black, and blue, no, no, RED! Let me know when I can get one in RED!

the white cruiser behind is really a red cruiser in disguise and may not be red again till spring :)

WOW! How did you ever get Wendy to be scraping the cars while you took pics? Please tell me you were sipping hot cocoa at the same time, and then you will officially be my hero! Buddy, I just want to- ow! ow! Kara, stop hittin....

this is a second try--somehow it didn't post the first time....

alas, no, that is not Wendy in the background (it's her nephew) -- sweet Wendy was all warm inside and preparing hot beverages for the snow workers (might've been eating a few bonbons, too :)--she did however fetch my camera when asked

*typing with broken fingers*

too bad about the broken fingers...but this is how we learn :)

haha, that's great!

I wish we'd get something other than ice. There are inches of snow only 20 minutes from here but none here, sadly :\

yeah, Stacey, snow is fun--up to a point, the point being, generally, when ya have to go somewhere -- fortunately I have no where to go at the present time :) ('cept bed pretty soon)

HaHa! Ours looked something like that, just at the front end.

hi neighbor -- gotta love this Michigan weather, no?

might as well get some joy from it, Vickie--there's undoubtedly more on the way ;)

How is it so straight on that side?!

the magic wind tunnel effect between the van and the house (either that or some elves came by and did a sculpture :)

hmmm... i've had one of those for months already. yeah, they may look awkward, and the windshield may be a smidgeon on the opaque side... but if you need to blend into a bag of marshmallows, nothing is stealthier!

but I'm thinking the razor sharp top edge would probably lay waste to all the marshmallows in the bag -- however, I'm glad to see that you're thinking outside the 'bag', Jett ;)

WWAAAAAAOW! wish I was there, I miss snow.

comeon over, Tam, you can frolic till your heart's content :) -- and I bet we can even find a shovel for you :):):)

I got a shovel you can use too.........Hey Ed I had a van that looked just like that!

the van is Wendy's the red (now white) PT in back is mine--van's too big to suit me (though it is convenient when you need the space), even the PT is pretty sizable--it's sort of a compromise between a van and a Crossfire (that was really the first choice...till I priced 'em)

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