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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

yup, a new face for the new year -- some of the face fur has been removed

and here's the new shelf project -- notice how quickly it filled up

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Nice shelves! Doncha know that empty shelves just long to be filled up with stuff? It works that way in my house anyway.

shelves just long to be filled up

absolutely! 'course that was the plan...to get things a bit more organized (hah!) and allow 'stuff' to be located without long searches

but I'm thinkin', "maybe one more section" ;)

Yay! I LOVE yer dimples, schweetie!

thanks...methinks the look's a bit Gaelic with me new cap (cap thanks to Wendy)

I really like that.

James and I have been looking into building some sort of huge shelving unit to hold all of our things that we don't *need* but that we just cannot get rid of, like my bottles and waterglobes and all his dragon and fantasy stuff...plus books and writing pads and candles and all sorts of other 'junk' that we've got....

building some sort of huge shelving

go for it!
this is about the easiest design I could come up with
it's basically 2 open towers 13-1/2" wide by 15" deep below the TV and another two 13-1/2" wide by 11-1/4" deep above--with prefinished shelving (Home Depot) connecting them
the framing is all 3/4" by 1-1/2" (except for the two pieces above the TV, shown in the detail pic)
with access to a table saw or radial arm saw, cutting and notching the pieces is quite easy -- without such a saw, it would be a bit more difficult :) --but not impossible...maybe some minor modifications
good luck!

Re: building some sort of huge shelving

Sounds easy enough. I wouldn't be the one doing any cutting, I'm much too clumsy and impatient, or so I've been told. James' g-funk papa has a woodshop that he is always begging us to 'let him use' so we'll probably bring over a pizza one day with a few design ideas in mind and build away!

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