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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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reporting live...

..from the Wendell Woods.

yes! the laptop is working, not quite up to the standards of the home computer but it is a connection to the outside world while i'm up here in the woods.

jeff and i have been here a couple of days and the work on the foundation is proceeding, albeit slowly...digging in this rocky (rocky? hell, it's almost sloid rocks!) soil is a slow process.

will try to update from time to time but with no electric here, i have to recharge the laptop battery from the car.

well, it's another sunny day and i have to get to work...

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...thinking of you Ed...

*sneaking by with hugs*

hey, gina! thanks for the good thoughts and the hugs -- they're always appreciated -- life seems to be moving forward again, 'though the pace is a bit snail-like at times :)

no electric?! so much for hello kitty waffles. ;p

oh but i do have a propane stove...perhaps pancakes? hahahaha -- how're things in the big state?

green, soggy and mushy good. =)

well.....glad you are back into the swing of life.
don't be a stranger.

thanks, lisa, yeah i hit a rough place there for a while but things seem to be getting back on track now

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