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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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2 more from the coast...

these are straight from the camera but have been resized 'cause how many of you have 2048x1536 screen?

ps: the berries are soo good -- i was afraid they were all going to ripen while i was gone -- a goodly number did rot in place and i told 2 different people to come help themselves while i was gone -- ah well the birds and squirrels can feast on the 'overripe' fruits i tossed into the bushes...

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thank you! gorgeous place -- but the water is sooo cold :)

They have such an ethereal quality, Ed.

Stunning. You're amazing.

thanks, you know how much i value your opinion :)

I hope you know how much I value YOU...

OMG...the mush, the mush of it all

Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous. Now I want to go there!

thanks--yeah it's real pretty country--and though i'm NOT a city person, portland wouldn't be all that bad a place to live :)

I was just about to say that looks like the Oregon coast.

ahh such an eye you have :) -- it is a pretty unique coastline, i think

I sure wouldn't claim to be an expert or well-travelled, but typically, the Atlantic coast of the US is featured as being beach shoreline, unless you're looking at Maine, so this immediately said "Oregon" to me.

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