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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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i'm not dead...

..the accounts have been exaggerated
i think for a while i wished to be -- but i'm not there any more

i have problems like all of us -- and just like all of us that survive, we find a way -- sometimes it's just some kind words from another traveller -- to all you that emailed me...thanks, i'll get back to you but maybe not for a few days

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Big cuddles Ed. I'm glad to see you.

thanks, col -- glad that i'm here to respond -- yaknow, i don't always understand all your writing but i know it's important and i really do try to open myself up to it -- thanks for being there

I'm glad to see you back :)

thanks -- glad to be back -- it's a real struggle sometimes, as i'm sure you know

was worried about you Ed!! you scared us by deleting your journal!!


I hope all goes well for you my friend..!

tam, of all the people in the world (isn't the web wonderful?) -- you're the one that seems to so much have her act together and give me hope -- thank you

hey! i'm SO glad to see you! when i saw your LJ gone i kinda freaked out and tried to hunt you down, but the best i could find was your photobucket account which really didn't tip me off as to how to get in touch (although it contained some nice pictures of gnomes and growies).

anyway, i hope you feel better soon...

i'm sorry ...i can be such a loser at times -- but i was glad to see that you hooked up with chris in ohio -- probably didn't have anything to do with me but i was happy to see 2 musicians on my f/l connect -- made me feel good :)

i'm sure it had something to do with my being on your friends list. anyways, you're not a loser (were that the case, you wouldn't have so many people happy to see you back...), but i did copy down your email address so you can't just disappear again! :)

thanks, jett
and i just filed yours away too

i'm glad you're back, mister ed.

thanks, honey
and i'm soo glad that you're doing well too -- don't quit

Geez, guy, I was wondering what the hell happened to you. Is everyting okay over there?

Glad you're back. :)

thanks, chris
and how the hell did you connect with jett? -- some really good sounds, no?

I saw a couple comments she left here, and thought they were quite interesting. And I figured anyone who's bent enough to be on your friends list and is also a songwriter is definitely worth checking out. From a safe distance, of course. ;)

And she really needs to POST MORE OFTEN, don't ya think?

well, i dunno
seems like she's pretty regular with posting -- 'course i don't always keep up, so maybe it just seems more frequent to me :)

I started reading some of her first entries while things were quiet at work... next thing I know, I'm about 3 months into it. Trippy, fun stuff. :)

IM me sometime... acker787 on AIM and yahoo.

glad you are not dead...i was wondering what happened when your name was crossed off. seriously, you are not alone, there is help out there if you need it, get it. whatever is horrible will pass. breathe in, breathe out.
take care!

yup, breathe in breathe out... that's where's it's at sometimes, huh?

thanks, foo
i know the trouble you've had to deal with and it's nice to know that you can support me...smooch (but, jesus...dont tell wendy, hehehehe)

thanks, lisa, they're always welcome and restoring

I noticed you hadn't been around in awhile. Hang in there, things will get better, as they always do. ^_~

thanks -- and they do seem better now
btw -- i like the new layout you have

That's good. Hopefully it will last for awhile. ^_^

Thanks - I actually may changethe layout again soon. ^_~

Welcome back. From a traveller who waves a cane and drags some chains.

waves a cane and drags some chains

thanks...that's quite an image

Honey, we're gonna get thru this, you know...


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