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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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on location, amherst ma

visiting local libraery to get my lj fix--been in wendell since last wed. doing maintinance/expansion work at the cabin--digging holes (lotsa rocks) for footings--spozed to get a phone installed tomorrow; we'll see-they claim there shouldn't be any installation fee; phone line does run by the property--unlike electric--elect co wants $16,000 to extend service 1000 feet--i only have one thing to say to that, 'fuck em'--been rooting around the umass engineering dept trying to get leads on solar elect--no hard info yet, but some names and numbers--i'll keep ya posted--i gotta at least get enough juice to power the 'puter (may have to invest in a laptop for...energy consumption considerations ;)

so, the work goes slowly but well after first digging my way through the snowplow pack at drives end (snow has since all but completely melted) and chasing out the squirrels (nasty lil red squirrels who've been bad-mouthing me ever since) who had managed to chew their way through the screen on a ventway; now they can try breaking their sharp pointy little teeth on 1/2 inch wire mesh in addition to replaced screen--fuckers!

got some good (i think) pix of 'spring comes to wendell' that i'll post after returning to nj and my own computer on wed

be good lj, and watch out for squirrels~

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I can't wait to see the pics--they sound wonderful!

I think. You need. A Davy Crockett-style hat. With a squirrel tail on it.

Ssssssh--keep that to yerself, so they don't gnaw your nuts while you sleep!

But, what DID happen to all the Kleenex and toilet paper up there, Ed?

Hurry back--you are MISSED!


we can all feel relieved, there was absolutely no nut gnawing while i was asleep (nor while i was awake!) -- about the kleenex and tp? i dunno but i think maybe there are some red squirrels with nice soft beds -- or maybe just some uninvited guests with a clean ass fetish...maybe both? i missed you too!

Consider yourself smothered, my goo man...with love.

goo man...is that a typo or should i ask you to pass the tissues?

i'm sure if you think they're good pictures, they must be WONDERFUL pictures. i am looking forward to them!

whoo! you're such a sweetheart :) -- haven't unloaded them yet but hope to get to that soon...

if u have a sense of humor u will go to this and give it a good rating, i would be really grateful and it would really help my depression to hear something good today


im also sorry if this has caused any kind of a problem and hope that u dont hate me for puting this on your journal at random

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