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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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--what percentage of the Haitian land mass does the US Embassy there comprise?
--will 50 armed US troops be sufficient to the 'defensive' mission?
--might Aristide have secret WMD on Ile de la Gonave?
--have i had more than my allotment of coffee this morning?

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hey back atcha, tam -- i seem to get these periods when i don't have anything to say, don't feel like doing anything...just turn into a potato for a spell -- sigh -- it's kinda like having too many irons in too many fires, then just sitting and watching as all the fires die down to embers -- i have to pump up the bellows again and toss on more fuel while there's still some spark, i think

it's always good to see/hear you and i did read your recent job related post -- i could hear the sigh all the way from here...


I understand about sometimes not having anything to say.. that's ok! :)

yeh, you could hear my sigh eh.. it was indeed a loud one! :O) thanks Ed.. *huggles*

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