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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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--what percentage of the Haitian land mass does the US Embassy there comprise?
--will 50 armed US troops be sufficient to the 'defensive' mission?
--might Aristide have secret WMD on Ile de la Gonave?
--have i had more than my allotment of coffee this morning?

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hey back atcha, tam -- i seem to get these periods when i don't have anything to say, don't feel like doing anything...just turn into a potato for a spell -- sigh -- it's kinda like having too many irons in too many fires, then just sitting and watching as all the fires die down to embers -- i have to pump up the bellows again and toss on more fuel while there's still some spark, i think

it's always good to see/hear you and i did read your recent job related post -- i could hear the sigh all the way from here...


I understand about sometimes not having anything to say.. that's ok! :)

yeh, you could hear my sigh eh.. it was indeed a loud one! :O) thanks Ed.. *huggles*

sure....drink too much coffee...then we get to see ya! Hi, Ed!

hah! yeah...i'm really invisible till i pour in some java then i look like a vinnie wash/drawing :)

too much coffee? NEVER! which reminds me i need to make myself some coffee.

and i must echo the "i've missed you" sentiment!

"i've missed you"..."i've missed you"..."i've missed you"...

thanks for the echo, jett :)

Been in a vaccuum bag lately, Sweetums?

more...yes more...he wants more! (he says as the mug shakes violently in his hand)

very pixie like new icon there, t -- a veritable tinkerbell :)

on second thought! perhaps, you should switch to hot chocolate with baby rainbow marshmallows, and maybe some turtle soup under a big pink fuzzy LEAF. ;p

hot chocolate, yeah, i can go with hot chocolate (notice that the big word there is chocolate)--but marshmallows...NO! i do not want small hard, distinctively colored pustules floating in MY cocoa, thank you just the same :)--and turtle, the most venerable turtle...should not be treated so disrespectfully, irreverently, outrageously, as to be boiled with a potful of vegetables--skewered and roasted over an open wood fire by the light of a full moon, now that would be proper respect--me, however, i think i'll just stick to turtle neck shirts/sweaters--have a fun sunday (or sundae), t

Can I play--? I have a turtleneck.

And since WHEN have you ever worn a turtleneck, Sweetums?

(Have you ever actually tasted turtle soup? It tastes like hot dog juice.)

Re: Pustules? *smack*

you most certainly CAN play...but i think it would be best if you removed the turtleneck

and i have worn turtlenecks--but i must admit it was back in another lifetime--another rendition of me--and i must also admit i didn't find them very comfortable

boiled butcher factory floor scrapings--doesn't sound very tastey to me

Re: Pustules? *smack*

Ooooh--wear one for me--puleeze?

They are so sexy on well-built men.


they are not HARD, unless you don't eat them quick enough! and you are supposed to just leave them there until you have rainbow foam, then you take a sip and chase after someone without wiping your mouth off. haha.

i was kidding about the turtle soup. you can pet paul though! =)

paul? you're keeping a turtle now? i thought you were a froggie person

i'm just a cold blooded person now! i got turtles for christmas ... =)

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