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WIP--CHAPTER 1--The Meeting (cont)

welllll i woke up early this morning and got back to work on the meeting of Jason and Amanda

the story continues

The two new friends, whom the fates had conspired so to bring together, simply stared into each other's eyes. Amanda watched intently as a single tear formed in the corner of one of Jason's eyes and slowly traced a path down his cheek, leaving a damp trail as it vanished.

"Oh Jason, I'm so sorry. That's the most terrible thing I've ever heard." She reached her hand slowly across the table and placed her hand on top of his.

"They say that she died instantly, that she didn't suffer. I've tried to imagine what kind of thoughts must have been going through her mind as she sailed through space. I wonder if she at last found what she had been searching. Did the sense of complete freedom, the exhiliration of freefall, the scent of the sea, the sound of the shore birds, the feeling of oneness with all that is, did these things come together for her at last? Did she find the opening into another realm? She believed that it was possible to arrive at a place in this life where we could choose to stay here or pass on to a higher level of existance, not death in the ordinary sense, but a conscious choosing to move on."

"Jason, I believe that ordinary people can arrive at a true understanding of all that is. I don't credit any organized religion with this awakening, in fact, I believe just the opposite is true. Perhaps Judy, through her mind and her experiences, had really reached some understanding of all that is and and exists now in some elsewhere."

"Thank you, Amanda, that is a comforting thought. I only wish I'd been able to understand more of the things she spoke of when trying to enlighten me, as she put it."

"We can only come to understandings when we're ready, Jason. I'm sorry you and Judy weren't at the same point in your lives where the two of you could travel on together. It's so difficult to be the one left behind. We're constandly asking ourselves if there were anything we could have done or said which might have changed the outcome. But in the end, the only one we can change is ourselves. Judy followed her own path and sadly, perhaps, your path and hers divirged."

"I'm sorry, Amanda, I didn't mean to bring a pall over the evening. In some ways you remind me of her, but you speak an English that I can understand. She spoke so much in metaphors that I had trouble trying to understand. When she began to go off on 'folding realities' and 'infinite levels of existence,' I was just lost. She began to speak a different language. I couldn't understand and I know it frustrated her to be unable to explain her concepts to me. I wish now I'd tried a bit harder."

"You mustn't blame yourself in any way, Jason. We each follow our own path. Occassionally paths of two individuals intersect and they can travel along together for a time. In very rare occurances, two people find that their understandings are so in tune that they are able to remain together for a very long time, perhaps for ever. These meetings are the soul-matings the poets speak of. Rare...so very rare...," Amanda's voice trailed off.

"Umm, yeah. Well, it's getting late. The last train back to my piece of the universe leaves in just under a half hour. I'm going to have to get going. I'm so glad you acted on your compulsion tonight, Amanda. I want to see you again."

He pulled out a small sketch pad and said, "If you feel the same way, why don't you give me your phone number?"

"I don't have a phone in the apartment any more, I had to cut down on expenses when my roommate moved out, but here, let me write down my cell number for you."

"Cell phones, an appropriate name on more than one level. In a way, they help us to transcend whatever cells are imprisoning us, to reach out and be in instant communication with someone, no matter how trapped we may feel in a given environment."

"It's funny, I destroyed my cell after that last call from Judy. I put it on a concrete wall one night after I'd been drowning my sorrows and I beat the living shit out of it with a hammer. I didn't see how I could ever bring myself to use it again."

"Destruction of inanimate objects," Amanda observed as they returned to street level, "can be very cathartic."

"I'm just two blocks this way," she said, pointing, "and there's a train stop a half block beyond that."

As they walked off, their hands brushed and then gently held on.


or if you missed the beginning, chapt 1 to date can be found here http://members.aol.com/sirndipiti/WIP.htm

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