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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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with a weeks worth of 40 deg F daytime temps forcast for new jersey, i think spring can't be too far off--yup...it's time to start the crocus watch

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I am definitly ready for spring!

wow--me too

i'm getting that cabin fever now--i need to be outside doing things instead of cooped up in the house--but i've become less and less of a cold weather person

As much as it sounds good...here in Michigan, we are FAR from Spring.

yeah i know--here too vickie, in fact, there's more snow predicted for thurs here :(

It's gonna be awhile before I see anything like that around here... but I do catch glimpes of sunshine that gives me promise! I did pick up some flower seeds... so I'm wishful thinking!

yeah! i have to do that myownself -- although i do have some 'maralena' flower seeds -- btw, should i start these indoors or wait till warmer weather and plant directly outside?

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