Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

a post by kaoskytton struck a chord with me and rather than take space in her journal and as a way to further disseminate the ideas, i'm responding here:

one of the great threats to humanity is the "them versus us" mentality and nowhere is the perpeturation of this philosophy more reprehensible than in the political forum--it may be a human need to feel part of a group, connected to others of one's kind but it is the sick individual who strives for that feeling of connectedness at the expense of others; a sick individual who points out superficial differences in others to make hirself feel more secure in group identity--it is, whoa, so easy to point to some easily identifiable (albeit meaningless) difference in others, as a way to exclude them from the "group" and in some twisted way strengthen ones own connectedness--and it is absolutely appaling when the highest elected official panders to the base mentality apparently rampant in such a large proportion of the population by floating trial balloons which are obviously intended solely as a means of engendering a sense of same-sidedness with a majority of the population at the expense of a minority--shame on the politician who would stoop to such a tactic

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