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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

a post by kaoskytton struck a chord with me and rather than take space in her journal and as a way to further disseminate the ideas, i'm responding here:

one of the great threats to humanity is the "them versus us" mentality and nowhere is the perpeturation of this philosophy more reprehensible than in the political forum--it may be a human need to feel part of a group, connected to others of one's kind but it is the sick individual who strives for that feeling of connectedness at the expense of others; a sick individual who points out superficial differences in others to make hirself feel more secure in group identity--it is, whoa, so easy to point to some easily identifiable (albeit meaningless) difference in others, as a way to exclude them from the "group" and in some twisted way strengthen ones own connectedness--and it is absolutely appaling when the highest elected official panders to the base mentality apparently rampant in such a large proportion of the population by floating trial balloons which are obviously intended solely as a means of engendering a sense of same-sidedness with a majority of the population at the expense of a minority--shame on the politician who would stoop to such a tactic

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Has anyone ever told you what a cute butt you have?

Well, anyone who COUNTS, that is--not to be confused with those who don't count--of course, those who don't count aren't autistic, or blond and we all know what THEY'RE like, right?


soooo...i should be on the lookout for an autistic blond who counts (without using fingers) and ask her opinion of my butt?

She can use her fingers in yer butt if you're UP for it...

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