Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

e-mail withdrawal

..so, ive been sitting here thinking - e-mail's so easy - it kinda popped in outa nowhere and it keeps us connected with the important people in our lives and when an important person is away and also away from a computer, it's really like that person (let's just call her "a.") tripped off to some other planet -- and i've been sitting staring at a blank sheet of paper for a while now -- wtf is so different about writing on a piece of gd paper with a gd pen? i duhno, maybe it'll come to me -- i could wp the thoughts and print 'em, but that would be just plain...horrible -- maybe i can wp 'em then copy onto paper from the screen - is that cheating? well, who would be cheated, not me, it would just be a crutch to get me over the hump - not a., she gets a nice handwritten real-mail -- allbeit with a bit of delay...i think that's what i should do, yup yup
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