February 25th, 2018


Hey!! still alive

yeah still here. Health probs under control for the time being...time slips away. I do try to save it in a bottle but it just keeps slipping away. Often, lately, when I look back on the previous several days I think, "what the hell did I accomplish? what did I even do?" I know the daily stuff of life gets done. I do eat and there are no dirty dishes piling up in the sink, I have clean underwear and socks (I even bought a new pair of shoes recently). Mechanics around the house are all in working order (heat, hot water, electric...). Aaand we just traded in the car on a new one (the old one was 11 y.o. yet still in fairly good working order... seemed like a good time to replace). I dunno... no creative energies. Began a w/c couple of weeks ago, did not go well, so scratch that. Work on the basement proceeds at a snails pace. Maybe when Spring finally hits and I can go out and play in the dirt, things will pick up. I have seed packets sitting on my desk waiting for sunshine and warmth -- guess I'm pretty tired of the chill and damp which is often Michigan this time of year. Back to doing some silver work:...