February 12th, 2008


daily stuff

Had a visit from my son and his g/f last week - Thurs night thru Sun night --
good times had by all - they have a friend at the U of Michigan whom we met Saturday
at the DIA for some more rooting around in the arts -- got some pix in the Diego Rivera mural gallery - have a closeup of the 'evil boss' (reminds me of the boss in the Dilbert comic strip) which I plan on turning into an LJ icon -- following this, we had dinner at a restaurant on Woodward Ave -- the name slips my mind now, but it's not a place I'll be returning to very soon - I had what was billed as 'herbed free range chicken' - there must not have been a very good water source on this chicken's range, I think it must have expired from dehydration, driest chicken I've ever eaten - perhaps it was raised in the desert? -- anyway, the company was good

Is spring coming soon? I'm getting a bit tired of the sub freezing temps here -- and ants, yes, the ants are back again - where the hell do they come from - obviously they didn't come in from outside - they'd be frozen, right? could they have been sent down from the mother ship? is it an alien ant invasion -- anyway, they seem to be multiplying, from just a few in the kitchen, to ants popping up everywhere, living room, bed room, den, bathroom - but the worst are in the kitchen - every morning now they're clambering all around the cat's food dish, the sink, the dish washer - here, there and everywhere - damn ants!! I start my days now by gathering up ants with a tissue, squishing the lil bastards, or flushing em down the sink drain then running the disposal - I even seem to be enjoying hearing what I imagine are their little bodies crunching up in the garbage disposal - are they turning me into an evil person? I don't think so - but, again, ants belong outside not inside the house -- we've set ant traps around and about but it seems their numbers just keep growing - damn the little buggers! well, enough about ants...

Other than that, I'm back working on the 'Chance Encounters' dream sequences. Did I post the first section? Maybe not. It's an outgrowth of an 'assignment' from my therapist to keep a log of dreams I have - you know, jot down a few words about the dreams as soon as I wake up so I don't forget them -- yeah, sure, how much fun is that in the middle of the night? Then we talk about one or more of them at the next session. So last time, no, 2 times ago, she thought it would be fun to 'embellish' the dream ideas, sort of turn them into a free association short story thingy. So I did and she thought it was worth pursuing some more, and ... I am ...

That's all for now, bye