April 15th, 2003



here i am again hopping from thing to thing--i intended to get right outside this morning--HA!--it's now 10:30--a glance at the newspaper headlines got me sucked into reading a while, then checking email sucked me into 'puterin' for a while, meanwhile, the only breakfast was a coffee, i forgot to take morning med, still have 'house' things to take care of--arghhhh--it'll be after noon before i get outta here

slo slo slo...

i know this is the time of day when lj slows down -- and i know i often have a low tolerance for frustration -- so why don't i just go do something else? -- i think i will . . .

edit -- 502 Connection Failed
again -- 502 Connection Failed
now -- Web Site Not Responding

one more try!