March 8th, 2003


spring fever...

the sun's out, the birds are making their bird noises, i know it's going to warm up today (from it's current 18degF), i think i need to reassemble the drive train on the trike and head out for a bit of exercise later on--say, when it hits 40deg, or maybe 45 :)

so, us and uk have set st patty's day what?
sure an' wouldn't it be just a grand day to start packin the boys and girls home and declarin' the world safe from "that evil man"

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..eeyyyah...i'm hacksawing a crank from a chain ring, and it's my last saw blade...and it's duuuull...i could probably go get a new package of blades and come back and still finish quicker...but i'm too fuckin' stubborn )%P...zzzit-zot, zzzit-zot, zzzit-zot...