August 16th, 2002


the droops...

..i siimply don't seem to be able to give enough water to my garden veggies--inbetween waterings, the ground looks sand--and now the watering has to be limited to every other day--life did not used to be like this in nj--i need to check into weather records and see just how much change in precipitation has occured in the last 50 years or so--on casual observation, it would appear there has been a severe dry spell in recent years--at least some part of the growing cycle has had a drasticly reduces amount of water

OTOH--maybe i'm just hot and crotchety from dragging the soaker hoses from here to there and back again--sometimes i feel like i should just stand and drip on some of the dry areas, but i 'spose the salt content of sweat wouldn't be too great for the growies

i have taken to carrying a thick towel or 2 around with me when i'm in the house--with my summer costume consisting of only a pair of shorts, when i sit in the workroom pnm the vinyl back office chair, my slippery slimey back feels real nasty if i don't toss a towel over the chair--on upholstered furniture, i know without a layer or 2 of toweling between me and the sofa, i will begin to see a ever growing and unsightly soiled area--so it's not just limited to hitchiking the galexy that i must keep my towel with me at all times

maybe it's time to turn the ac on...