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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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thanksgiving gothic

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hey foo, thanks -- how many hours till friday?

Oh Ed,
That is so cool!
Thanks for posting it.
More, More!

thanks Ed! Now save this and change the pitchfork into a shamrock for St.Patties day!

Oh, Ed this is so cute. It looks like sand picture. How'd you do it?

thanks, col...i used the film grain filter on a photo manipulating program

wow! who did that? you? that's you right? and your doggy? :))

yup :) -- that's me 'n peanut and the unfortunate bird

so is it a painting? Or a digital art thing?

what is it?

tell Tam! :D

..yeah, it's a digital art thing -- i do some pencil sketches, scan 'em in then resize, move around, clean up, add color, etc--on this one i cut the color saturation down and used a film grain filter to get the dot effect--just playing around--idle hands, ya know :)

I did that too!! did you see mine?! :)) I have done some recently if you scroll back through the posts.. :)

it's such a fun thing to do eh.. draw - then colour in digitally and then photoshop away!

great effects and stuff! :)

What can I say that hasn't already been said?

...except--do you have one of the gothic farmer holding a vibrator and chocolate lube?


that would be 'stimulating gothic' -- not yet but i can work on it...

I'd be happy to help. Of course, if he was holding a cucumber, THAT would work, too.

You have my number...

Can't get enough of her veggies lately,
not-yer-average-kumquat martha

oh yeah! i've got your number, alright -- and yes, veggies are important to good health, one cannot live by meat alone

Bite me, Mr. Meat.

I want chocolate.

i have some white chocolate that might tickle your fancy

*signs up for the gift-of-the-month package*

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