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Jimmy's was the kind of place that's difficult to ascribe to any given era. There was a bit of the late eighteen hundreds in the feel of it, the darkened by time woodwork, the stamped metal ceiling, the wall hung lighting fixtures which had been converted from gas to electric and, when you were in a receptive mood, the sensation that when you walked out the door and up the half flight of steps, you would find horse drawn carriages and people in period costume.

The polished mahogany counter that runs full width at the far end of the space as you enter, looks like it could relate endless tales of days when Jimmy's served illegal alcohol during prohibition. Whether the days as a speakeasy are true or not have been relegated to myth. It seems no one from that period is around anymore but the stories are passed on mouth to ear, growing in style and complexity with each telling. The half mirrored wall behind the counter, instead of holding shelves of liquor and stemware, now sports row upon row of handmade stoneware mugs from a small pottery outside New Hope, PA. The work space below the shelves now house double coffee makers and espresso machines with their steam and clank. Yeah, you can get all the esoteric beverage blends at Jimmy's but if you really want coffee, just ask for a "cuppa regular."

On the left as you enter Jimmy's Espresso Bar and Dry Goods, just past a wall full of coat pegs, is a small alcove with display areas showing various artist/writer materials for those who have come unprepared but find the environment suddenly inspiring. When a pencil stub begged from the server and a napkin just won't do, the "Dry Goods" alcove offers a variety of drawing implements from split nib fountain pens, to precise roller ball technical pens, humble number 2 pencil to vine charcoal; there is even a selection of basic water color sets. Papers range from steno pads, sketch pads, and bound artists papers to loose scrap paper, water color paper in a variety of weights and textures and cold pressed illustration board.

Jason's hand rests lightly around Amanda's waist as he opens the door and they enter Jimmy's

***** stay tuned

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