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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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cuppa coffee...


"No," she giggled, "my name is Amanda. What's your's?"

"Amanda?" Jason repeated. "I've never met an Amanda before. I'm Jason. Did you mistake me for someone else?"

"No, Jason, there was no mistake. But you must believe me when I tell you this is as much a shock and surprise to me as it must be to you," she replied.

"I don't understand," Jason murmured, "are you saying we have never met, don't know each other, and yet you felt compelled to come up behind me and give me one of the most sexually arousing hugs I've ever felt?"

"It was a compulsion, yes, that's the only description that seems to fit. I was walking along, enjoying the sunset, feeling somewhat lonely and alone, my mind coursing over the recent senseless events in my life, when suddenly your form drifted into focus and all else faded into background. I was at once helpless to stop myself, as if a puppet on a string, I found myself drawn to reach out and hold you."

"But that's completely nuts," Jason said, "I could just as easily have been some crazed lunatic who would grab you and drag you off into the bushes to have my way with you," Jason replied with a slight grin.

"Perhaps, but you didn't...well, not yet," she responded with a barely noticable rise in her shoulders and eyebrows.

"Would you like a cuppa coffee, or something?" Jason managed to ask.

"Ummm, I'd love one. Starbucks or Jimmys," she purred, referring to Jimmy's Espresso Bar and Dry Goods, a small, down-one-flight gathering spot just off the park on Fourteenth Street.


***** stay tuned

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Nice piece of writing. Very vivid and felt. I appreciate Amanda's assertiveness and willingness to take risks. Is the steam rising from the coffee cups? Do such offbeat individuals really frequent Starbucks? I vote for Jimmy's ~P

thanks very much, i appreciate your thought

as to starbucks? i dunno -- maybe for the coffee; but to jimmy's for life ...

totally porn. but i like it. ;p

i will for sure. not just for the porn, either. ;p

hehehehe....so I was not far off with my double espresso comment this morning....this is hot stuff....and no amount of blowing on a cup will cool it down! :)

hah! yeah, curious about your comment.....but then i DO like coffee :)

dang, dang, dang went the trolley...clang, clang, clang went the bell... :)

Zing, zing zing went my heart-strings; who knew I was lonely as hell?

awwww c'mere and get a big hug


*pictures every room*

*pictures things in every room*

*pictures xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!*

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